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Just after kindergarten Franklin's parents loaded he and his brother into a station wagon and moved the family to California. Coming from a small midwest town in Ohio, the family was excited to settle in Long Beach. With hard work and prayer his parents purchased the family's first home. A small fixer-upper near CSULB built when Long Beach was still a Navy town. 


Although it was a small fixer-upper Franklin's mom and dad chose the home because it meant that their kids could attend several of Long Beach's best schools. While attending the California Academy of Math and Science, Franklin had the opportunity to complete undergraduate courses while still in high school.

Instead of going away to college, he entered California State University of Long Beach's Honors  Program. Already a sophomore, after three years time CSULB gave Franklin the foundation he needed to be admitted and graduate UC Berkeley School of Law with a Juris Doctorate.

A year after returning home from law school Franklin was a new husband and father. As a stay-at-home-dad he applied his legal education in two ways. First, Franklin is VA accredited to represent our US veterans fight for accurate service ratings. He also mentors and consults law school students with learning disabilities to become leading attorneys.

Franklin believes that his greatest work is raising his daughter, Shemaiah. Through the lens of a parent, however, he noticed that his hometown was beginning to look less like the city he remembered growing up in. The streets were crumbling, parking was disgraceful and you hardly saw a police officer patrolling. As a new parent a lot of what he saw worried him.

A self-starter, Franklin started attending City Hall meetings. It wasn't long before he realized that a great many of our City's priorities were misplaced. So he started speaking up.

Franklin led a campaign against the Measure A Tax increase because he feared it would give a spendthrift council a blank check with little accountability to the public. After losing the fight, he marched to Mayor Garcia's victory party and offered him a congratulatory handshake. The Mayor thanked Franklin for being gracious and urged him to continue being involved with the City.

Four years later Franklin led a campaign to recall Mayor Garcia. The recall effort was born out of disappointment in the Mayor's leadership on everything from wasteful spending to an unraveling public safety.

While both campaigns failed, Franklin never gave up on Long Beach. Instead he began focusing his energy on bringing attention to our growing public safety concerns regarding homelessness, shootings, crumbling streets and wasteful spending. In between his responsibilities as a Dad, Franklin is usually reporting on current events happening around Long Beach on a Facebook group called Long Beach News Today.

Several of the issues Franklin helped speak out against nearly 6 years ago are now among the biggest challenges facing our families and shared quality of life.



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