"I'm going to Washington to restore healthcare, bring common sense solutions to our public safety and improve our economy." - Andy


 Ask any doctor, and they will tell you that medicine has become a bureaucratic nightmare. Obamacare was written by insurance companies for the benefit of insurance companies. They tell us what kind of insurance we must buy, and when we must buy it. There is no free market in medicine for either the providers (doctors) or the consumers (patients). The free market gave us the miracle of the smartphone. It can do the same for healthcare if we let it.

Public Safety

San Bernardino and Orlando were both preventable. Our government knew about, or should have known about the perpetrators. They chose to ignore the obvious warning signs because of political correctness. We need a new Representative in Washington, one who isn’t afraid to state completely obvious, that we are at war with militant Islam.


This is the weakest economic recovery in our history. Small businesses create 2/3’s of all new jobs. Government spending and regulation is crushing them. Is it any wonder that the percentage of Americans with jobs is going down, that the wages of American workers are stagnant, and that the middle class is getting squeezed?