Public Safety

"Our Families Deserve a Safer District"

Community Safety is the core function of the government without it complete anarchy can rule our society. The Framers of our Constitution not only separated the powers among three branches at the Federal level, but also separated the powers of government between the Federal and State levels.


That way power would not be concentrated for abuse with any one entity. Law Enforcement was one of the powers delegated to the various states.

We are joint partners on all levels of government each has a separate function.

The question is what role in law enforcement can the Federal Government play, so we don’t make a Federal issue out of every crime and how can I as your future Congressman help make our streets safer?

One of the fastest growing crimes is identity theft. It also has very weak penalties for those who get caught committing it.  Our elderly tend to be targeted by these crimes more than any other portion of our society. One way to address this is to provide federal resources to local and state governments and assist in more information sharing between them.

The third largest type of organized crime is human trafficking. Anaheim PD found in 2010 that many of the prostitutes they picked up for solicitation were women who were trafficked against their will and felt trapped by their pimps and madams. Furthermore, many of these girls were kidnapped victims or runaways forced into sexual slavery and drug addiction. Anaheim PD found that some were kids on milk cartons on the east coast. In these cases law enforcement has begun focusing on bringing cases against the pimps and madams, but they have said they need more legal tools to use against these domestic and international slave traffickers. My opponent has not initiated any legislation to address this problem even though in Southern California there are many women subjected to this very real war on women.